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The newest Gastropub on campus, Craft75, offers a variety of pub-food staples, delicious cocktails and a full selection of beer, wine, and more.

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Food connects. It is at the center of nearly every gathering, in every part of the world. Our restaurant spaces are where connection is fostered! Through food we are able to bond, share, and celebrate.

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Food unites. Food is one of the most powerful agents of intercultural appreciation. The experience of food and its preparation is our common cultural touchstone.

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Food fuels. Your body is your vehicle, and in order to keep your engine running, you need access to a source of energy. Food drives productivity.

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Craft75 Gastropub is a nod to the year Microsoft was founded (1975) and features a broad array of gastropub cuisine, as well as beer, wine and spirits from local and diverse partners. Sit outside on the patio, or find a table indoors to watch your favorite game - the option is yours!

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